How Should You Define "promotional Objectives"?

Promotional objectives are goals businesses set to build a customer base while promoting awareness of their brands and building sustainable sales and profits through marketing campaigns, explains the Houston Chronicle. Common marketing campaigns include television advertisements, billboard placements and social media updates.

The object of business is to earn a profit. To earn a profit, companies must first make prospective customers aware of their products and services. They then must convince those customers to buy their products and services and continue buying them. As the customer base grows, so does the reputation of a brand and that of the company behind it. The larger customer base a company can build through its reputation, the larger its profits.

To make prospective customers aware of its products and services, a company must market them. Marketing is done through radio, television and print advertisements, social media outlets and community presence. The more awareness a company creates, the more likely it is to draw customers. Therefore, marketing is typically a very large part of a company's annual budget. Although some companies are very successful through word-of-mouth promotion, it is very unusual for a company to do well without spending a large amount of time and money on promotions. Drawing customers, however, is not enough to sustain a profitable business. Companies must also convince customers the products and services they offer are needed and worth repeat purchases.