How Should You Deal With Harris Debt Collection Efforts?


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Individuals can deal with Harris debt collection efforts, or any debt collector, by keeping a log of any conversations the debtor has with the collection agency or asking the collection agency to not contact the debtor by phone, according to Nolo. If a debtor sends a written request to a collection agency asking it to stop contacting the debtor by phone, by law the debt collection agency must comply.

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If considering asking the debt collector to cease contact, the debtor should consider that keeping the lines of communication open is in the debtor's best interest if wanting to negotiate a settlement with the debt collector, Nolo says. If the debtor does request the collector cease communications, the only way the collector can contact the debtor is to serve a lawsuit.

If the debtor feels the debt is not legitimate or that the debtor does not owe the debt, he should advise the collector. It's possible the agency does not realize the debt is uncollectible, and if the debtor's reason is valid, the agency may cease it's collection efforts on the debt. A debtor has the right to ask the agency to validate the debt, and all collection attempts must stop until the agency is able to verify the debt, explains Nolo.

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