What Should Go in a Crisis Management Plan for a Business?


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A crisis management plan for a business should include a list of key contact information, the action to take in a crisis, and forms that personnel should use to document the crisis response, according to the Institute for Public Relations. The plan should identify the common members of the crisis team and assign each member tasks required to handle the crisis.

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A crisis management plan should first state its objectives, which include protecting people endangered by the crisis, ensuring key audiences get pertinent information, and ensuring the organization survives the crisis, claims Inc.com. In addition to a crisis management team, the plan should identify a subteam and outline a notification process for bringing together the appropriate internal and external stakeholders in the event of a crisis, states Paradigm Solutions International. It should include a contact list for these stakeholders and the logistical details for notifying and mobilizing crisis management centers.

A crisis management plan should outline guidelines for speaking to the media and the public about the crisis, as well as guidelines for social media usage, explains Paradigm Solutions International. It should identify individuals authorized to represent the business and the information that they should share. The crisis management plan should also include a process for testing and verifying the processes outlined in the plan.

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