What Should Go on a Construction Worker Resume?


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Information that should appear on a construction worker resume includes a skills section that outlines the different trades and procedures with which the person is familiar, a list of any official certifications she has and a work experience section that features several past jobs with details about her work. She may also wish to include the contact information for past employers or site foremen as references.

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The resume of a construction worker should follow the same formatting as a traditional job, beginning with an objective or personal statement that summarizes the body of experience and knowledge. The worker may wish to call out a particular aspect of her career, such as a flawless safety record or participation in well-known construction projects. Beneath this section she should include a list of her skills, focusing on those most relevant to the position for which she is applying. This allows her to highlight a concentrated skill set and show her expertise in a given area, such as carpentry or electrical wiring.

Instead of a traditional education section, the resume may include a list of the worker's certifications from any local or state agencies. If she attended a trade or vocational school, she may wish to include this information as well. The remainder of the resume should cover her most recent work experience, listing her responsibilities in each position. This information should be as specific as possible and should also relate directly to the position she is attempting to obtain.

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