What Should You Take Into Consideration When Buying a Two-Story House?


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Factors to consider when buying a two-story house include the potential downsides of stairs and whether loud noises travel between floors. Stairs can pose a danger to children and elderly residents.

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When shopping for a two-story home, it is important to consider the safety and comfort of elders, children and occupants with health conditions that make walking up and down the stairs uncomfortable. The home buyer should look for a home that allows these occupants to spend most of their time downstairs. Such a home should offer easy access to a bathroom, laundry room and kitchen appliances without having to climb stairs. Another option is to consider installing accessibility enhancements, such as stair lifts to help wheelchair-bound occupants go up and down the stairs.

Aside from safety and accessibility concerns, stairs are inconvenient with certain house layouts. For instance, it may be a hindrance to have an upstairs laundry room if most of the bedrooms are downstairs. Another consideration is the potential for sound to travel between multiple floors of the home. It is a good idea to choose a home without bedrooms located directly above the living room in order to minimize disturbances for any occupants trying to sleep.

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