What Should You Know About Concentra Healthcare?

Concentra Healthcare is a national organization that provides health and wellness resources, physical therapy, occupational therapy, urgent care treatment and primary care appointments. Concentra Healthcare caters to individuals, health care professionals and organizations, notes Concentra.com. It makes its services available through various clinics, which operate nationwide.

Concentra Healthcare has more than 300 locations in nearly 40 states as of 2015, states Concentra.com. In addition to these clinics, it has nearly 250 work site locations. To perform its various services, Concentra Healthcare employs physicians on a contractual basis.

Concentra Healthcare offers five main categories of health care. Occupational health care is a business-oriented area of specialty that focuses on keeping workplaces productive, healthy and safe. These health care services range from drug screenings and preventative measures to establishing wellness programs.

Physical therapy is a service used to treat employees' injuries and illnesses. The goal is to reduce the number of therapy sessions to minimize work loss.

At its urgent care centers, Concentra Healthcare physicians treat non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. These centers are walk-in facilities, meaning that visitors need not schedule an appointment beforehand. Most facilities also have extended hours to accommodate patients' needs, reveals Concentra.com.

Lastly, Concentra Healthcare also offers primary care services. Through Concentra Healthcare, people can select primary care physicians, make appointments and receive follow-up treatment. In these facilities, people can also find a variety of medical services and extended hours.