Why Should You Choose a Career in Human Resources?


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Human resources is an important field that offers workers flexibility and room for creativity with responsibilities that are vital to a company but not particularly difficult. Workers in the human resources field often have room for upward advancement.

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Human resources is the department within a company that is responsible for satisfying the needs of the employees, making sure that there is proper communication within the company, working out social conflicts, and hiring and firing individuals. The human resources department plays a pivotal role in maintaining a fun and healthy workplace as well as hiring individuals who will provide the right skills to the company. The human resources department serves as a line of communication between all of the workers and the management.

Human resources workers typically have a relaxed, but not boring schedule. Their hours are flexible and they get to communicate with all of the workers, meaning they are well-known within the company. They often help train new workers and assist employees to feel comfortable with their positions. While a human resources worker must be personable and gets a lot of social interaction, they also must make important decisions for the company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2012, human resources managers in the financial industry earned a median annual salary of $99,720.

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