How Should a Child's First Resume Be Structured?


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To write a first resume for a child or someone who has no job experience, create a resume with a clean layout, list education experiences, achievements and skills. Highlight any leadership activities and interests, and include a link to a professional profile, advises Business Insider.

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A clean, easy-to-read format for a resume is important, notes Business Insider. Locations and dates should be listed in a consistent format, and headers and main sections should be centered. Even though the person may not have a professional profile, creating one and dedicating it to the person's future career is also important, and a link to it should be included on the resume.

The resume should clearly define goals in the title and summary, and it should put the job seeker's best qualities in a place of prominence. Showing the strengths of the person, including skills, achievements and coursework completed, is of interest to potential employers.

Listing any relevant honors, scholarships and awards from high school can help build a first resume and highlight the student's qualities. Include any clubs and organizations that the person was part of during his high school years. In addition, note any proficiency with social media, since this is a big selling point with employers.

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