What Should Be on a Business Startup Cost List?


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Items that should appear on a startup cost list for a new business include general expenses such as renting and utilities for office space, purchasing equipment, creating or hosting a website, and specific expenses related to the initial establishment of the company. It should also feature sections for relevant licenses, ongoing operating costs and advertising expenses.

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A startup cost list allows a new business to understand all the expenses necessary to begin operation, from which it may form budgets, plan the order in which to make purchases and determine any need to raise additional funds. The list should begin with basic costs necessary for the company, such as the rent for its offices or other facilities as well as all associated costs for maintaining the properties. The list should also include line items for all the supplies necessary to run the company, which can include office items such as paper and pens or specific materials such as food ingredients for a restaurant.

The list also needs to track all the equipment for the business, which can include shared resources such as vehicles and computers along with specialty items such as machines or tools. Other items for list should focus on marketing and advertising costs, such as taking out ads in local publications or paying for membership in special organizations. It may be helpful to organize items into single and recurring charges, either within categories or as a whole.

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