What Should You Know About the Blue Cross Wellness Program?

The wellness program of Blue Cross Blue Shield includes incentive programs, such as a tobacco cessation program, WalkingWorks and a diabetes management program, outlines Blue Cross Blue Shield. It also features a prescription drug discount program, Blue365, health club discounts, a legal center and an online health assessment.

After completing the Blue Health Assessment and crafting a tobacco quit plan with an online health coach, a member can receive medicines to aid in quitting smoking and tobacco, explains Blue Cross Blue Shield. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs are available through the program, including Chantix, Bupropion and Nicotrol. To participate, a member must be at least 18, select a cessation goal, obtain prescriptions for all products, create a quit plan and fill the prescriptions at a preferred pharmacy.

WalkingWorks is an incentive program to help members measure and record the distance walked each day, states Blue Cross Blue Shield. A plan member can order a pedometer online, use the website to track the number of steps taken over time and ascertain the distance walked in any given period.

By participating in the diabetes management incentive program, a member can earn up to $75 to pay for qualified medical expenses, notes Blue Cross Blue Shield. To participate, a member must have A1c tests performed by a covered provider, complete the online health assessment, report A1c levels, purchase diabetic glucose strips through a preferred pharmacy and undergo a diabetic foot exam from a program provider once a year.