How Should a Basic Professional Resume Be Laid Out?


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The applicant's name, address and other pertinent contact information should be at the top of a basic professional resume. Employee objective, summary of qualifications and work history should follow.

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Applicants should include the duties, skills and responsibilities when highlighting past jobs. Major accomplishments, skills and achievements should be listed, and each line should start with an action verb. To draw attention to the statements, applicants should use an asterisk, dash or bullet. It's helpful if the applicant lists specific results to show his qualifications, and he should list his most important accomplishments first.

Resumes tell a potential employer why an applicant would be good for the open job position. They provide the employer with information that indicates whether the applicant is a good worker, is qualified for the job and brings the desirable skills to the open position. If an applicant is a student and has little to no job experience, he should highlight the information regarding his school accomplishments and the community actives he's involved in at his school. It's also important to highlight the institution, the dates attended, and the certification or degree he is receiving. Any professional development or career training courses should be listed as well.

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