What Should Appear on a Last Will and Testament Template?

A template for a last will and testament includes sections for distribution of digital assets, property after death and designates individuals to carry out the terms, according to Attorney Christopher B. Johnson with Rocket Lawyer. The template should also include the individual's name, address and contact information.

A template for a last will and testament provides individuals with an easy-to-use format to ensure assets are properly distributed following death, according to Johnson. A space must be provided for witness signatures and a clause of authenticity. If an individual has children under the age of 18, a section for the care of the child should be included on the template with contact information for individuals assigned to obtain custody, as well as information about trusts established for the child or children. The template should also include a section that details how assets should be liquidated, sold or obtained following death, and list the individual assigned as executor who acts as power of attorney for the estate.

Many templates also include a clause that notes instructions for how to reduce financial or asset distributions to individuals if debt, funeral and medical costs exceed the amount designated within the will, according to Law Depot.