What Should Appear in Job Referral Letter Samples?


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Job referral letter samples should include information about the referral contact in the first paragraph. The samples should also include typical cover letter details such as the credentials and background of the applicant.

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Information on a referral contact should explain the name of the contact and how the applicant knows the person. The letter should open with the job candidate expressing interest in a position and then discussing the referral contact. A sample job referral letter could open like this: "I am interested in the salesperson position at Acme. I have always admired Acme products and hope we can discuss ways to increase your sales numbers. John Doe, a former top salesperson for Acme, works with me and recommended that I contact you. John and I have worked together for three years, and he thinks I am a good match for Acme."

If the letter is emailed, the subject line should read: "Referred by John Doe." The second paragraph of the letter should outline the applicant's relevant background and credentials for the position. The letter should close with the applicant thanking the reader for his time and consideration. The top of the letter should include typical contact details such as the postal address, email address and phone number of the applicant.

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