What Should Appear in a Business Name Change Letter?

Letters informing recipients of a new business name should include information for vendors, customers, government agencies and others affected by the change. Typically, business name change letters introduce the new company name and provide reasons for the name change in addition to details about any applicable ownership or product line changes.

The business name change letter should encourage loyalty to the business during and after the transition by highlighting the an intention to maintain a good relationship with the audience. The letter should provide contact information and encourage readers to contact the business with any questions about the change.

When writing to inform others about a business name change, the intended audience for the letter should dictate the letter's content. Businesses should notify employees first, and a letter addressed to employees should provide detailed reasons why the new name was chosen. Next, businesses should inform significant clients of the change and provide any applicable information about changes to existing product or service lines. Government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service should also receive a letter detailing any change of ownership and the business's new name. Finally, businesses may choose to write a press release in the format of a letter to announce the name change to the public.