How Should You Answer "Why Would You Like to Work Here?" During a Job Interview?

During an interview and when answering the "why would you like to work here" question, a candidate should demonstrate that he's researched the company, and that he believes his skills, strengths and experience are a good match. He also should express his enthusiasm for the company's mission and future plans.

It's important for candidates to highlight to recruiters how their professional background benefits a specific company, as opposed to what the company can do for them. This requires interviewees to research the company before the interview. Aligning one's professional skills with the company's mission and future plans shows interviewers how candidates may be an asset to their company and suggests they are motivated to perform well in the new position. Too much focus on what one can get from the company makes it difficult for recruiters to envision this candidate as a new team member.

To make things easier, individuals can practice answering this question ahead of time by jotting down their ideas, practicing their response aloud, to a friend or in the mirror. Candidates should create a list of their strengths and skills so they can easily communicate these during the interview. Practice can ease anxiety, and allows interviewees a chance to gather their thoughts and express them more succinctly.