What Are Some Short Workplace Safety Quotes?


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Some short workplace safety quotes include, "a spill, a slip, a hospital trip"; "if you mess up, 'fess up"; "when safety is first, you last"; and "chance takers are accident makers," according to Digicast Productions. One key to making safety quotes memorable is to keep them under eight words and avoid using jargon or long words.

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Other short workplace safety quotes include, "electricity can turn you off"; "knock out ... accidents"; and "think smart before you start," reports Digicast Productions. Complicated safety quotes may be hard to understand, while shorter quotes encapsulate the message that needs to get across.

While being succinct is an effective technique for creating an effective safety message, it often is not the only one, explains Digicast Productions. Short and direct messages that state the obvious in an unoriginal way, such as, "play it safe" or "be aware, take care," may not be very memorable because they lack some of the other elements that go into making a memorable workplace safety quote. Along with brevity, these include an element of surprise, avoidance of complex jargon, and keeping the message positive by concentrating more on what employees should do to remain safe than on actions that they should avoid.

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