How Do You Find Shops for Lease?

How Do You Find Shops for Lease? features a variety of shops for lease that cater to specific types of businesses. For example, business leasers can input the type of property they are looking for, such as industrial, retail or office, according to Showcase.

Potential shop leasers can begin their search by checking off the type of property they are looking for on's home page. Enter the desired square footage and location as well as the price range to find suitable matches. Make sure that the "Lease" bubble is filled in before beginning a search. When the results populate, some properties will provide a specific address, while others do require subscription.

For each property listed in the search, leasers can view the cost of the property and whether or not it is negotiable, the square footage of the building and space available, and the city and state. Photos are available for certain properties. The website also features a "map" tab, which gives an aerial view of the location. If a leaser wants to learn more or inquire about the property, that option is available as well. Some of the shops for lease provide a specific contact name, phone number and email to make for easy inquiries.