What Are Some Shirt Display Stand Styles?


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Shirt display stand styles include simple, inexpensive garment racks and large wooden structures meant for both display and storage. PVC body forms are also available.

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Garment racks are the most affordable way to display shirts on hangers. They are typically on wheels, making it easy to take the display on the go, but the wheels are easily removable for permanent displays. Models such as the Whitmor Adjustable Garment Rack are made of steel with a chrome finish and black accents. A bottom rack is available to hold a back stock of shirts or promotional materials. The Whitmor has an adjustable height of 41 to 66 inches.

Wooden display stands for shirts can be mobile or stationary. They include ten deep shelves to house folded shirts, along with 10 additional spaces on which to display the shirt's design. The shelves are aligned vertically, and models are available in customized colors. These displays are available from commercial websites that cater to large businesses, such as Alibaba, for varying prices.

PVC body forms provide customers with an idea of how a shirt looks once worn. They are available in both male and female genders and in a variety of styles. Some body forms are equipped with a hanger, while others are situated on a metal stand or able to stand alone on a tabletop. Some are designed as simply the bust, while others include a head or torso.

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