How Do You Ship Wreaths?


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Find a box in which the wreath can sit on the bottom without sliding around. Wrap the wreath in tissue paper, and set it inside the box. Add packing peanuts and shredded paper into the empty spaces inside the box to minimize movement during shipping.

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After the wrapped wreath and stabilizing materials are inside the box, close the box, sealing it with packing tape. Now, find a shipping box large enough to hold the first box, as well as some protective materials. Put a layer of packing peanuts on the bottom of the shipping box, and set the wreath box inside the shipping box. Put more packing peanuts and other packaging materials around the wreath box, so that you fill the shipping box and minimize movement, while cushioning the inside box from impact damage. Seal the box shut with packing tape.

To provide maximum protection, add more tape around the corners of the box and the bottom flaps. After addressing the package, either put "Fragile" stickers on the box or write "Fragile" in large, visible letters on all sides. At the shipping office, choose overnight delivery if the wreath contains fresh flowers. If the wreath is more expensive than the minimum coverage the shipper provides, purchase enough insurance to cover the value of the wreath in case of damage.

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