How Do You Ship Soda Bottles?

ship-soda-bottles Credit: Rob Melnychuk/Photodisc/Getty Images

Ship soda bottles in a sturdy shipping box that has layered, corrugated walls. Local retailers, such as Walmart or Kroger, give these boxes away for free, and shipping stores sell them.

Cover the bottom of the box with a plastic lining so that if the bottle spills any liquid, it doesn?t destroy other boxes or violate federal regulations. The plastic lining is not necessary if the bottles are empty. If there are liquids in the bottles, don?t pack them on their sides. Pack them so they are standing upright. Empty bottles may be packed either way. Include bubble wrap around the soda bottles. Use packing peanuts to fill the gaps between the bottles and the walls of the box to minimize movement during the shipping process. Light packing materials are best to decrease the cost of shipping. Secure the top and bottom of the box with shipping tape. Write "fragile" on all sides of the box, and include special handling instructions for the shipper. Take the packaged box to a local delivery service. It is acceptable to use UPS, FedEx or DHL. If the soda bottles are glass, a delivery service is necessary. The USPS does not ship bottles with liquid in them.