How Do You Ship Frozen Food?


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To ship frozen food, pack the food in airtight containers, place the containers in a cooler with dry ice, and pack the cooler in a cardboard box. It is best to ship frozen food early in the week, to avoid the package sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.

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  1. Pack the food in containers

    Pack the refrigerated or frozen food into airtight plastic containers. Containers with snap-on lids are ideal. This is to avoid spillage during shipping.

  2. Place the containers in a cooler

    Place the food containers in an insulated foam cooler. Put dry ice in a container and seal it, and then place it on top of the food. Ensure that the dry ice does not touch the food. Lay corrugated cardboard on top of the contents before securing the lid. This process helps maintain a cool temperature during shipping.

  3. Pack the cooler in a box

    Place the cooler in a heavy-duty cardboard box. Use packing peanuts to fill the empty spaces. This further helps to maintain a suitable temperature, and to keep the contents from shifting in the box.

  4. Secure the cardboard box

    Use packing tape to seal the cardboard box tightly. Carefully wrap the box in brown kraft paper for additional insulation. Clearly write “Perishables” and “Contains dry ice” using a permanent marker on the package.

  5. Deliver the package for shipping

    Deliver the package to a shipping company. It is best to do this early in the week to avoid the package sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.

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