How Do You Ship a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines From the United States?

A balikbayan box can be shipped to the Philippines from the United States by taking it directly to a shipping office of a certified balikbayan shipping company such as Manila Forwarder, Forex Cargo or LBC Express. Shippers too far from the nearest shipping office can schedule a pick-up from anywhere in the U.S. with some certified balikbayan shipping companies that use American carriers, including UPS Ground and FedEx Ground, for pick-up and transportation to a balikbayan shipping terminal.

Typically, an additional charge applies for the service of having a third-party shipper handle the pick-up and delivery to the balikbayan shipper. The balikbayan shipper then handles the cargo assignment of getting the package shipped, through Philippine customs and delivered to its final destination in the Philippines.

LBC Express is one of the oldest and largest shippers of balikbayan boxes to the Philippines and has dozens of shipping offices in the U.S. and Canada. Manila Forwarder operates shipping terminals in Northridge, Los Angeles and San Diego, California. Forex World has centers in Alexandria, Virginia and Carson, California.

Balikbayan boxes are available in the same standard sizes with every carrier and the acceptable contents are dictated by Philippine customs. All of the balikbayan shipping companies listed above have package tracking available by phone or on each company's website.