How Do You Ship Alcohol Overseas?

ship-alcohol-overseas Credit: flyheatherfly/CC-BY-2.0

Alcoholic beverages can be shipped through courier in the United States. Shipping small quantities of alcohol is unlikely to cause any problem if a person is returning to the U.S. and wants to ship alcohol for personal use. The importer needs to pay all the costs related to transporting the goods, and duty is not exempted even if the traveler is not accompanying the alcohols to be shipped.

For importing or shipping a personal wine collection, the Customs and Border Protection recommends separate shipping to ensure that the importer is not be held up when issues arise. While most states allow the entry of one case of wine along their borders, some states prohibit the importation or carrying of alcohol beyond the regulated amount. Most of the time, the courier makes arrangements with the Customs Broker for the shipment's paper works, but it is still important to know state regulations to prevent encountering difficulties.

It is best to check the State ABC laws, which governs the quantity of alcohol a person can import to a certain state, before attempting to ship larger quantities of alcohol. The importer can contact the port where the alcohol collection is shipped, or acquire a one-time importation license. License fee and duty rate for alcohol vary from state to state.