How Do You Set up SSI Direct Deposit?

How Do You Set up SSI Direct Deposit?

Sign up for SSI direct deposit at your banking institution, Social Security office or through the Social Security website. Additionally, you can enroll in the SSI Office Direct Express program, which provides you with a debit card account for electronic payments. Citizens are required by law to receive SSI payments via direct deposit.

  1. Gather necessary information

    To set up direct deposit for your SSI benefits to an existing bank or credit union account, you must procure the following documents: your account’s checking and routing number and a copy of your most recent SSI benefit check. After gathering this information, visit your banking institution or contact your local Social Security Office to set up the direct deposit. The Social Security Office, through its GoDirect campaign, also provides an online tool to establish direct deposit for SSI benefits.

  2. Visit the GoDirect Website

    To set up direct deposit online, visit the GoDirect website, and click Get Direct Deposit Now! Before proceeding, make sure you have your Social Security claim number, your bank account and routing number, and your 12-digit benefit check number on hand. After gathering this info, click Get Direct Deposit on the subsequent page, and answer the questions associated with your SSI benefits to receive electronic payments.

  3. Sign up for a DirectExpress Card

    If you prefer to receive your SSI benefits through a government-issued debit card, click the DirectExpress link on the GoDirect website or visit the DirectExpress site directly. Sign up for the DirectExpress card by answering the general questions associated with your SSI benefits. This option is recommended if you do not have a bank or credit union account. Your card, which is delivered via USPS mail upon completion of your application, can be used as a regular ATM card or anywhere MasterCard is accepted.