How Do You Set up Online Bill Pay?


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The first step to setting up online bill pay is to link the payment account to the bill payee, according to About.com. A consumer can do this by adding a new payee to the online bank or by adding bank information through the online payee's website.

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How Do You Set up Online Bill Pay?
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When setting up payment through a bank, many banks already list bank-related payees such as lenders. To add a new payee, the customer typically enters the company name, address and account number, according to Wells Fargo. Some banks store this information on many payees, which makes it easy to search and find them. Subsequent payments steps include scheduling a payment and receiving notification that it was sent. It can take three to five days for payment to be sent to the payee. Automatic payments are possible with monthly bills, and electronic billing is a feature that people can use to receive bills from payees.

The process for paying a particular provider is a bit different. Typically, the customer must provide bank account information, which must be verified with a voided check and authorization form, according to About.com. After verification, the customer inputs the account number and routing number for the bank account that he intends to use for payments.

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