How Do You Set up Direct Deposit?


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On a personal check, two numbers, the ABA, also known as a routing or routing transit number, and the bank account number, are used to set up direct deposit with employers and others. These numbers are typically found on the bottom of the check.

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  1. Provide bank account information to employers and other institutions

    Fill out direct deposit forms provided by employers, Social Security Administration, pension fund managers, Internal Revenue Service and other financial institutions to receive funds electronically. Most institutions require a voided blank check to verify routing and account number information. For direct deposit, the mailing address of the bank may also be required.

  2. Determine fund transfer dates

    Contact human resource departments or management offices to determine when direct deposit services take affect. Check bank accounts to ensure the correct amount is deposited and to make sure funds arrive without any issues.

  3. Update direct deposit information as necessary

    Provide new account information to employers and others when switching banks or if you want to deposit funds into a different account. Contact human resources or financial institutions immediately to correct errors such as incorrect deposit amounts or missing and delayed transactions. Provide new employers, government agencies and other financial institutions with bank account information to receive direct deposits of funds.

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