How Do You Set up a CenturyLink Account?


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To set up a Century Link account, visit the Century Link website, select the service needed and then follow the instructions found under that link. The services offered through the Century Link website include, home phone, Internet and email, Prism, DirectTV and Verizon.

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The services offered by Century Link vary, and each service has its own setup process. The website provides detailed instructions for setup and troubleshooting for each service. The instructions below show how to set up a home phone service through Century Link.

  1. Visit Century Link
  2. Visit the Century Link website and click on "Home Phone" to highlight the service and then click "Let's Get Started."

  3. Set up voice mail
  4. Click the "Voice mail user guide" link and enter the area code and phone number assigned to the account for complete instructions on how to create a password and a greeting.

  5. Learn about the calling features
  6. Click "Learn about Calling Features" to learn how to use the features on the phone, such as retrieving voice mails, forwarding messages and saving messages.

  7. Enroll in My Account
  8. Click "Enroll in My Account" to set up an account where billing and other details about the account are displayed online.

  9. Set up other services
  10. Go back to "Setup and Customize Services" to select another service to setup if multiple services are being used.

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