How Do You Set up an Ally Bank Auto Payment?


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The quickest way of setting up an Ally Bank auto payment is to use the Ally Autopay Mobile Pay application. Owners get the option of either making a one-time payment or scheduling multiple payments. Another way of setting up an auto payment is to use the Ally online service payment option.

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Depending on the type of transaction, in order to take advantage of AllyBank's Auto Pay feature, owners may need to first unsubscribe from the bank's Direct Pay service. Owners can schedule an automated payment via the mobile app by following a few quick steps.

  1. Download and install the mobile app
  2. Ally bank offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Owners can download the right app by visiting the Ally Bank site, the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. In addition to making payments, the Ally Bank app also allows account holders to view their statement, payment history and edit their profile.

  3. Launch app and set date
  4. Log into app and select "Make a Payment." Choose the required amount and set a date. Click on "Okay" to verify and authorize payments. Owners can also edit preexisting orders by clicking on "Edit Auto Pay" and adjusting the amount or account details accordingly.

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