How Do You Set Rates for Cleaning Apartment Units?


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Calculate how much to charge for cleaning an average apartment in an area by using the Homewyse online tool. Using this tool, enter a ZIP code and calculate how much to charge for cleaning a one-bedroom or larger apartment. Cost figures are based on the number of rooms in the apartment, cleaning products, labor and effort required to do the job. This tool provides a low and high estimated cost.

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You can choose to create apartment cleaning rates based on typical housecleaning rate structures and charge by the hour or by the room, project or square foot. A majority of cleaning services charge customers a flat rate, and this method takes into account the size of the apartment and amount of clutter in the home. Flat rates work well as a basic fee, and additional costs can be added if the cleaning job takes longer than expected. Hourly rates are typically reserved for small cleaning jobs.

The per room rate structure can be used as long as the differences in room size is included in the price. Square foot rates work best with large apartments that require more effort to clean, and a per-project rate is an option for special cleaning jobs.

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