What Are Some Services of Zingo Cash?

Zingo Cash is an installment loan company that provides loans for people with poor credit and helps them avoid the use of payday loans or cash advances, explains the company. While the firm still runs credit checks, Zingo Cash considers other factors and assesses individual cases to determine loan solutions that suit a customer's specific needs.

Zingo Cash is a licensed finance company, and it accepts applicants who have been declined by banks, credit card companies or other financial institutions, notes the company. Customers who want to apply for a loan should click Enroll Today on the website and complete the form. Those with missed payments on previous loans and blemished credit records are also qualified to apply.

The application history page of the company's official website shows the status of a customer's loan application, states Zingo Cash. Customers who need help with the application process may contact the customer service team over the phone or through email.

A Zingo Cash representative initially contacts a qualified applicant and provides approval details, according to the company. After verifying the accuracy of the applicant's employment and salary details, the company finalizes the loan approval. In some cases, Zingo Cash requires applicants to fax or email proof of income. The company charges additional fees if customers fail to pay on time without notifying the firm.