What Services Does York Modelmaking Offer?


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York Modelmaking offers two services for its customers, which are laser cutting and the making of scale models for developers and architects. The scale models are available in a number of sizes and range from single homes to large industrial and planned residential areas.

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York Modelmaking's models are designed to meet the customer's need, whether the model is a conceptual one created with block modeling or a highly detailed one with hand finishes applied. In addition to structures, the company also models landscapes to help provide detailed backgrounds for the structures created. Industrial models also include individual machines or multi-unit systems. These particular models are generally used to illustrate machine processes for presentation or for training future users.

The laser cutting service offered by the company is available to cut individual pieces from a variety of materials or to create engravings. The cuttings can be highly detailed, and multiple cuttings of the same item is possible, with exact measurements adhered to. Laser cutting services are also used in modeling to provide exact cuts that add details to a piece, or to create smaller modeled parts. With their laser cutting service, York can create individual modeled parts smaller than a coin.

York Modelmaking is a U.K. company based in Stockton-on-the Forest in York.

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