What Services Does The Work Number Provide?


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The Work Number is a subsidiary of Equifax that provides employment and income verification to employers and lenders. Employees can use the Work Number to securely provide proof of income and employment to lenders, potential employers and social service agencies.

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The Work Number is protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires verifiers to have a permissible purpose to access any information, such as an employment verification for a mortgage application. Through the Work Number, users can agree to give employers, lenders or social service agencies access to their information while applying for credit, seeking new employment or applying for services, including Social Security or housing assistance. The privacy protections of the FCRA ensure that data is securely transmitted and only used for the requested purpose.

The Work Number also provides IRS income verification, which can be used to establish historical income and ability to pay. This can be useful to verify information for individuals as well as businesses, since the IRS transcript form can be used to obtain both personal and business tax statements as well as wage statements. The Work Number can also verify auto insurance for dealers and lenders while providing financing for a vehicle purchase.

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