What Services Does White Hills Cash Offer?


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White Hills Cash offers loans of up to $1,000 for people in need of immediate cash, states White Hills Cash. The company makes loans to people with bad credit and, upon approval, can provide funds on the same day that the borrower submits the application.

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Applicants must have a verifiable steady source of income, be 18 years of age or older, earn a minimum of $1,100 monthly, and have an active bank account to receive a loan from White Hills Cash. The minimum loan amount is $100, and for first-time customers the maximum loan amount is $300, states the company.

Payments are due on the dates specified in the payment schedule in the loan agreement, which normally coincide with the borrower's pay dates. As of 2016, interest on a White Hills loan is 637.69 percent over 13 months and 622.91 percent over six months, according to White Hills Cash. There is a one-time five-day courtesy extension available without penalty.

Repayment options on White Hills Cash loans include transferring funds from bank accounts or mailing cashier's checks or money orders. Borrowers incur a late fee of $30 if they do not make a payment within three days of the due date, notes White Hills Cash. There are no prepayment penalties. Upon request, White Hills Cash offers an accelerated payment plan that allows borrowers to apply an additional $25 to the loan principal with each payment.

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