What Services Does the VA Provide to Veterans?


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The Department of Veteran Affairs is in place to aid former military members and their families in all aspects of life. Specific benefits provided to veterans include life insurance and disability compensation, retirement pensions, home loans, education and training, personal support groups and more.

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Each year, the United States government budgets millions of dollars to the support of its former military members. This money is used to help veterans in all aspects of their post-military lives. One of the biggest services the VA provides is disability compensation. This service is available to any former military member who suffered mental or physical disability as a result of their service. These funds can be used to care for the side effects of the disability as well as to support the veteran and/or his family. This service can go along with or culminate in a life insurance policy for the veteran.

Scholarships for education are offered every year to both veterans and their spouses or children to attend a college or university of their choice. The VA also funds accredited career training programs for veterans to attend.

The VA also employs different divisions under its control that provide support to veterans in specific groups. For example, each major war, in which the United States was involved, has its own branch group of the VA. Other notable groups are an LGBT group, a women's group and a minority group.

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