What Services Does the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System Offer?


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The VA Loma Linda Healthcare System offers a variety of medical services to veterans, including full examinations, preventative evaluations, audiological treatment, dental care and access to a pharmacy. It also offers services for drug and alcohol treatment, obtaining prosthetics and dealing with psychological trauma.

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The majority of the services available through the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System focus on general treatment for common medical issues and situations, beginning with a team of fully trained doctors and nurses to conduct routine inspections and examinations. Depending on the results of the exam, patients are able to see specialists in fields such as oncology or audiology as well as receive and fill prescriptions at an on-site pharmacy. Veterans who have lost limbs during or after service are able to receive physical rehabilitation treatment and obtain aid in finding prosthetics. Veterans also have access to geriatric care services, such as special medical treatment or life planning.

The VA Loma Linda Healthcare System offers veterans many mental health services, including counseling for traumatic experiences, dealing with the effect of being a prisoner or war or recovering from sexual trauma. It offers treatments for veterans dealing with drug, alcohol or tobacco dependencies, which includes access to therapy and special medications. The hospital contains departments for helping minority, gay and lesbian veterans as well as the homeless.

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