What Services Does the UPS Human Resources Department Provide?

Some services available through the UPS human resources department include options to manage employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. Other options include making requests for time off and filing complaints about other employees or aspects of the job. The department also handles the application process for other positions within the company, as well as tracking payment rates and changes.

One primary function of a human resources department is to help employees understand their benefits, which may include different types of insurance for certain employees. Agents of the department are available to explain the different benefits to employees and may work with new employees or transfers to elect options according to current benefits packages. UPS also offers its employees a self-service website, through which they may make changes to different benefits. The site also allows employees to view payment details and access other forms for use within the company.

The human resources department also oversees the hiring of new employees, as well as the transition of employees into different positions. It has access to all the current openings within the company and the details of the jobs according to current job descriptions. The department also facilitates the implementation of official pay scales for employees, including hourly rates, salaries and bonuses.

If an employee has a complaint about another member of the company, such as an issue with harassment or unfair treatment, she may report it to the human resources department. Human resources may also ensure the company's compliance with various labor and workplace laws.