What Services Does the UPS Hub in Hodgkins, Indiana, Offer?

There is no UPS hub in Hodgkins, Indiana, as of 2015. The Hodgkins, Indiana, location is a station where UPS trucks add and remove additional trailers. It does not offer any services to customers.

The facility in Hodgkins, Indiana, exists due to differences in trailer requirements for the Illinois and Indiana portions of I-90. Indiana allows multiple trailers, and Illinois does not. Trucks leaving Illinois attach additional trailers in Hodgkins, while trucks leaving Indiana remove additional trailers. The facility also offers a parking lot for UPS trucks.

There is a UPS hub in the similarly named city of Hodgkins, Illinois. This location is the UPS sorting and consolidation facility for the Chicago area, but it does not offer services to customers. It sorts approximately 10 percent of UPS ground traffic, and sorts and loads packages onto both trucks and trains. UPS does not list this facility as a customer drop-off location; customers in the Chicago area must bring packages to retail drop-off locations rather than directly to the sorting facility.

This UPS facility has addresses in both Hodgkins and the neighboring city of Willow Springs, Illinois. Most of the hub sits in Hodgkins, and all of its emergency and law enforcement services come from Hodgkins.