What Services Does United Benefit Direct Provide?


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United Benefit Direct offers health care network memberships for dental and vision care, benefits for accidental injuries and a prescription drug card, according to United Benefit Direct. It also offers savings plans for consumers and businesses.

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United Benefit Direct offers three tiers of dental services. Tier 1 service gives members access to Schedule A network dental practitioners. At this level, members receive a no-charge exam and X-rays when they schedule an annual dental cleaning, reports United Benefit Direct. If a Tier 1 dentist isn't available, members are directed to Tier 2 or Tier 3 dental providers. Members enrolled in its tiered vision plan can get their eyes examined for no charge, as long as the same provider fills prescriptions. Members can also undergo surgery procedures such as LASIK to correct vision problems.

The tiered system extends to the company's prescription drug program, as explained by United Benefit Direct. The first two tiers offer maximum cost caps, and rates are negotiated for drugs purchased at the third tier level. Members covered by the CompleteCarePlus plan can receive extended monthly payments for a specific period of time when disabled due to an accident. Emergency travel assistance is another benefit under this plan. Members receive transportation over long distances to medical facilities.

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