What Services Does U.S. Security Associates Offer?


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U.S. Security Associates offers armed guards for clients in the public and private sectors; it deploys uniformed officers nationwide to various locations, including sites deemed to be a high security risk. U.S. Security Associates sends out armed and unarmed officers to designated locations, according to USSecurityAssociates.com. The company offers armed personnel to help protect schools, offices, banks and retail centers.

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U.S. Security Associates has provided protective services since 1955, when it was founded. Its officers provide clients with physical security and protect sensitive information, according to USSecurityAssociates.com. To prepare its officers for deployment, U.S. Security Associates has a training and testing program. To begin the program, officers must be selected based on skills and qualifications, and they then take courses and learn the intricacies of their chosen fields of specialization.

U.S. Security Associates Uniformed Security Services is an information-protection sector that uses software and monitoring to keep personal and corporate information safe. Its largest branch, however, is that of Unarmed Services. Officers in this category are involved in foot patrols, policy enforcement, incident responses and systems monitoring. For high-threat locations, U.S. Security Associates sends highly trained armed officers who often come from backgrounds in the military or law enforcement. They have the most rigorous selection process of all guards, which includes a background check, reference check and drug screening.

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