What Services Does TSC Construction Provide?

What Services Does TSC Construction Provide?

As of June 2015, TSC offers geotechnical subsurface studies, field testing and observation, environmental services and contract drilling services. TSC's ownership of a full-service geotechnical laboratory and over a dozen drill rigs complements the delivery of these services.

The Testing Service Corporation, or TSC, has its corporate headquarters in Carol Stream, Illinois. Boasting of experienced staff and high-quality services, the firm has been in operation in the Greater Chicago region since 1956.

Under geotechnical engineering services, TSC carries out subsurface exploration and offers engineering analysis. The primary services include seismic testing, pile load testing, pressuremeter test analysis and stability analysis for segmented retaining walls.

In field testing and observation, TSC's primary services include: observation and testing during caisson and pile installation, nuclear density compaction testing for soil, fabrication testing for steel and bolt tension verification. On special projects, TSC delivers on-site laboratory services.

TSC not only offers environmental site assessment under environmental services, but also provides underground storage tank management and contaminant exploration and remediation. The corporation also offers landfill development and monitoring services.

TSC delivers drilling services in all types of terrains. Regardless of location, it applies drilling in areas such as general construction, ground water sampling and underground storage tank evaluation.