What Services Does the TRICARE Pharmacy Program Provide?

Services that the TRICARE Pharmacy Program provides include managing and filling prescriptions, adjusting costs for prescription drugs and managing pharmacy claims and appeals, notes the TRICARE website. The TRICARE Pharmacy Program offers comprehensive coverage for uniformed Americans and their family members. This coverage includes reduced costs for many prescription drugs and vaccines.

The TRICARE Pharmacy Program is part of a larger medical and dental care assistance program for people in the military and reserves. It covers costs associated with doctor's visits, emergency care and ongoing treatments.

With the Pharmacy Program, uniformed personnel can subscribe to one of two plans: the Pharmacy Program and the Pharmacy Pilot Program. The Pharmacy Program entitles qualified members to discounted rates on a number of brand name and generic medications. In addition to active personnel, benefits extend to retired soldiers, veterans and their family members.

As with many insurance companies, the TRICARE Pharmacy Program has several levels of plans and benefits, states TRICARE. It determines the length and quantity of drugs covered based on a three-tier system. These tiers are formulary-generic, formulary-brand name and nonformulary. These classifications determine what, if any, co-pays plan holders will incur. Drugs covered under this program may have limits based on quantity. They may change in formulary status, which affects cost. Some drugs require prior authorization. Drugs recently approved by the FDA may be eligible for coverage, although restrictions may apply.