What Services Does Tree of Life Offer?


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Tree of Life offers naturopathic consultations, licensed dietitian services, detoxification therapies, structural health services and stress-management services. Tree of Life Health Ministries is dedicated to teaching individuals how to naturally become healthier physically and mentally.

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Tree of Life's naturopathy services help customers bring their bodies back to their natural state of self-healing. Tree of Life performs tests that reveal current levels of health, then determine which food-based supplements and detoxification therapies can help restore the body's balance.

Licensed dietitian services at Tree of Life help individuals create a specialized diet plan to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely. Customized diet plans can also be created for those with blood sugar imbalances, circulatory issues and other health issues.

Tree of Life's detoxification therapies, structural health services and stress management also help individuals free their bodies of everyday toxins, relax their muscles and manage their stress levels to develop a healthier state of mind and body.

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