What Are Some Services Through the Indiana Department of Revenue?


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The Indiana Department of Revenue services individual and business taxpayers, as the government department responsible for tax collection in the state of Indiana. Beginning in 2015, S corporations in Indiana are able to file their 2014 annual business taxes using a certified vendor, as stated on the Indiana DOR website.

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Individuals are able to file their taxes online and check the status of refunds online, as noted on the Indiana DOR website. Forms for add-backs, deductions, credits and income tax are among the many tax publications available. The first publication listed is the SP 265 2014 IT-40 Income Tax Instruction booklet. The 2014 IT-40 Income Tax Form is the next publication available for download, as of 2015.

In addition to state tax forms for individuals, a county tax schedule for Indiana residents is provided, as shown on the Indiana DOR website. Tax forms for partial year residents and full-year nonresidents are also available online.

Some Indiana business tax forms include the 615 Claim for Refund, 52709 registration and filing requirements for Utility Services Use Tax and 52039 Correct/Change of Responsible Officer Information. The Indiana Business Closure Request form and application to register for tax are available in both English and Spanish. All other business forms are available in English only, as displayed on the Indiana DOR website.

Information to help stop identity theft and a tax library can also be found online, as seen on the Indiana DOR website.

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