What Services Does the Texas Department of Transportation Offer?


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The Texas Department of Transportation manages the construction, maintenance and oversight of state highways, railways, bridges and other routes of transport. It oversees toll operations; provides financial, technical and coordination assistance to public transit providers; and promotes the development of marine infrastructure and use of the state's waterways. It works with local, state and federal governments, including the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Texas legislature and the Governor's office.

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TxDOT provides guidance on procedures and rules for a variety of transportation-related issues including airport operations, right-of-way and eminent domain, and it advises local governments on the planning and execution of transportation projects. It awards grants and other funding for local initiatives aimed at improving transportation infrastructure. TxDOT supports and promotes the collaboration between public and private sectors to implement projects. It makes available to the public its financial information, its reports on the condition of bridges and roadways within Texas, and regionalized transportation data. It provides law enforcement agencies with data such as crash reports and data analysis, speed zone studies, and other information to improve road safety.

TxDOT routinely holds public meetings and hearings to involve the populace in planning and implementing projects. It runs the Adopt-A-Highway program as well as an Adopt-An-Airport program that allows groups and organizations to beautify and enhance the image of their local public airports.

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