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As of 2016, services from Tennessee Trustee include a tax search feature; online payments using electronic checks and major credit cards; links to individual county trustee websites; and a tax calculator, according to the Tennessee County Trustee's Association. The website also features frequently asked questions and answers, and a toll-free number for the phone payment system, as an alternative to online payments. Only select counties can use the phone payment system. The Trustee is the county banker and tax collector.

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Elected to serve a four-year term, the Trustee oversees the county's annual cash flow, and manages county funds until the trustee distributes them to government agencies monthly, explains the Tennessee County Trustee's Association. The Trustee establishes the amount of a property owner's tax bill by using the property tax rate that the county commission sets, as well as the property tax assessments that the assessor's office provides.

The county mails tax bills annually in October, states the Tennessee County Trustee's Association. If property owners do not make their payments by the last day in February of the next year, their bills become delinquent. The trustee is the tax collector, responsible for processing the tax bills and collecting the funds due. TennesseeTrustee.com features a glossary and answers to questions about property tax bills and the payment process.

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