What Services Does Summa Health System Offer?

Based in Akron, Ohio, Summa Health System offers medical services, support services, specialized services and testing services to patients within the area. The health system also offers programs and wellness seminars as well as services for patients' visitors and family members.

The medical services include cancer, oncology, general surgery, mental health and internal medicine. Summa Health System also provides sports health medicine, women's health services, stroke care and orthopedics. The health system's support services include pastoral care, wound care, rehabilitation therapy, pain management and pharmacy. Additionally, the system offers community-based care at Summa Center at New Seasons, which provides programs in chronic disease management, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles.

The specialized services at the health system include dermatology, hospice, emergency services, dental care and terminal care. The system also gives specialized services in weight loss management, home care and occupational care. The testing services at Summa Health System include diagnostic imaging, cancer screening, laboratory services and sleep medicine.

The health system offers the website SummaHealth.org that provides online appointment scheduling, a physician search and online bill pay. The website also provides information on insurance services, financial services and volunteering opportunities.

The system includes seven hospitals, regional ambulatory centers, over 9,500 employees and 1,000 doctors.