What Are Some Services Small Business Brokers Provide?


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Small business brokers provide services that aid clients with buying and selling businesses and usually charge a percentage of the commission on the deal they are brokering. Small business brokers prescreen businesses before clients decide to buy or sell, help clients narrow down their own interests in order to choose the right business to purchase, aid in negotiations and assist with all related paperwork, according to Entrepreneur.

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Another service that small business brokers provide is that of coordination. They work with lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, CPAs and any other individual involved in the buying or selling of a business. They file important paperwork and keep their clients informed of deadlines while assisting in all of the other administrative duties, reports Entrepreneur.

Small business brokers also price businesses for their clients looking to sell. They then market the business because they know all of the details and know how to present them to prospective buyers. They also provide a cushion between buyers and sellers so that both parties can feel comfortable asking questions and moving forward in the buying or selling process. The information brokers receive from their clients are to remain confidential until the appropriate time as agreed upon by broker and client.

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