What Services Does Shadowville Productions Provide?


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Shadowville Productions produces and distributes original rap and hip-hop instrumental beats to entertainment companies and artists. The company also sells exclusive and various non-exclusive licenses for the original beats through Shadowville.com.

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Beats on Shadowville.com are also available to download and use for free for non-profit purposes. Users are allowed to make a song using the beat and perform the song at non-profit functions with 50 or less attendants, burn 50 or less CDs to give to family or friends, or upload the song to personal websites or YouTube for non-profit purposes.

The company also sells various licensing options. As of 2015, the options include blanket, perform, sync and exclusive licensing packages. The varying packages have different limits on for-profit usage of the beats through radio play, live performances and album distribution, with the exclusive package offering unlimited use.

The blanket and perform packages are designed for up-and-coming performers, and a license owner has the option to upgrade the license unless another customer purchases exclusive rights to the beat. However, previous licenses are still active even when another customer purchases an exclusive license. The sync license is designed for soundtrack use in films, commercials and other media. It allows for use of the beat in a single for-profit project.

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