What Services Does the Sears' Employee Website Offer?

The Sears employee website offers a variety of services that relate to the monitoring and selection of benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans and solutions for balancing work and personal life responsibilities. It also allows employees to view information regarding payment and tax documentation, track pay cycles and review other details about the Sears employee policies and rights, as of 2015.

The first section on the Sears employee website deals with employee benefits, offering users several options in a drop down menu, some of which link to external sites to make changes. For example, when an employee selects the option to enroll or change benefits coverage, the site redirects her to the portal for managing insurance coverage as part of the Sears Holdings, LLC entity. Other sections in this category offer tools for reviewing the retirement options available to employees, accessing information about stock buying options, discounts for team members and a contact form for other inquiries.

The site has another section that focuses on payment details, including a tool for reviewing the most recent pay stubs. It also allows employees to access tax documents such as a W-2 form and learn details about the current payment cycles or fees on pay check debit cards, if the employee elects to receive payment in that form.

The final section contains documentation of company policy for employee benefits and the code of conduct for each member of the Sears workforce.