What Services Does the San Mateo Tax Collector Provide?


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The tax collector for San Mateo County, California, maintains property records, issues bills, processes payments, participates in foreclosure sales, and carries out other procedures in the collection of property taxes. The collector serves as an agent for school districts, special taxing districts and other government agencies, according to the County of San Mateo Human Services agency.

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Property owners are able to pay both secured and unsecured taxes either online, by mail or in person at the tax collector's office, states the San Mateo County tax collector's website. The office issues invoices and sends alerts via email or text message to let constituents know when their payments are due. Tax collector staff members also works with government agencies to manage funds appropriately, either by distributing revenue directly or by placing it into investment accounts, states the County's Human Services Agency.

For cases in which property taxes are not paid, the tax collector works with the Delinquent Tax Department on more aggressive collection efforts, up to and including a hosting a public auction for properties seized due to non-payment of taxes. The tax collector is part of the office of the treasurer of San Mateo County, and the two offices together offer services akin to a central bank, according to the San Mateo County Tax Collector. Collected monies are distributed and used or invested on behalf of the office's client agencies.

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